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Looking for a way to show off your jumping skills? In addition to a variety of kids activities, AirMaxx offers two massive trampoline parks for jumping, one trampoline park for dodgeball, and a foam pit to jump into! Trampoline jumping is a healthy work out that doubles as a great way to have fun for all ages!

If you are looking for a safe area for smaller children to jump, AirMaxx also offers a "Mini Maxxers" court (and special) for those under 40" to jump all by themselves or with their parents. Please note that we strongly suggest our younger jumpers come in as early in the day as possible: we do not hold this court for smaller children during peak times!


We strongly recommend purchasing online tickets in advance. All rates are per person. Jump socks, required for jumping, are $2.99/pair.


All participants must have a valid AirMaxx Trampoline Park waiver completed prior to purchasing jump tickets and entering the park. Those under 18 must have their waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian.

Jumping at AirMaxx Trampoline Park is a fun & fit activity for just about any age, shape or ability. However, it is a physical activity and there is the potential for injury.

Because AirMaxx Trampoline Park attracts jumpers of just about any age and size, our court monitors and employees reserve the right to move guests around to different courts or different sections of courts for safety, if necessary.

60 Minutes $14.50/person+tax

Each Additional 30 Minutes $4.50/person+tax

ALL DAY JUMP (OPEN TO CLOSE) $28/person+tax

All You Can Play specials, including jump, can be found here.

Jump Pack $17.99/person+tax

Includes 60 minutes of trampoline jump and a $5.00 arcade card.

Jump & Tag Pack $21.99/person+tax

Includes 60 minutes of trampoline jump, 1 game of laser tag, and a $5.00 arcade card.

Family Pack $17.25/person+tax

Includes 60 minutes of trampoline jump, a $5.00 arcade card, and a small soda. Minimum 4 participants.

Manic Monday

On Mondays get $5 (30) minute jumps, $5 games of laser tag, and $5 rounds of mini golf.

Twofer Tuesday Summers and Holidays Only

On Tuesdays get buy one get one hour jumps. Use for the same person or for two different guests!

Freaky Friday $15/person+tax

Fridays from 11am-4pm get 2 hours of trampoline jump for one low rate! Any tickets purchased after 2 pm will expire at 4pm.

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